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Larry Contractors is the local leader in designing and making home renovations - from the preparing phase to designing and installing the remodelling structure. Enhance living space functionality with our proficient and experienced residential contractors to affect moods and productivity.





Reinstatement Works

Build and Renovate Your Home With Residential Contractors

  • Ceiling and Flooring Installation
  • Plumbing & Masonry Works
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel
  • Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration
  • Air Conditioning and Insulation Works
  • Custom Fabrication Works

  • Painting and Refinishing Works
  • Customized Carpentry Works
  • Replacement of Doors & Windows
  • Frame and Grill Works
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Maximize Living Space
  • Garage and Basement Remodelling

Get a Beautiful Residential Premises With our Professionals

At Larry Contractors, being a residential renovation contractor specialist, we are completely compatible in changing the look and feel of your living premises. Whether you're contemplating an entire house remodel, or making renovations in the kitchen, bathroom, or other parts of the house, we always strive to make the home as pleasant and welcoming as could be required under the circumstances. We also assist to envision new opportunities for enhancing the capacity, excellence, and value of a home.

This isn't the only end here! Larry contractors have highly experienced builders who develop the convenience, strength and effectiveness of your remodelling structure. Residential interior design must be aesthetically entertaining. That's why we consider customization, personalization, excellence, and innovation while handling renovation projects. This further helps us in setting a clear vision and making it real to build your dream house. As one of Singapore's best residential contractors, we specialize in working with different clients to handle their renovation, remodelling or design-build house.

Why Larry Contractors?

Because we provide our clients substantial expense information during the process, this makes you feel convinced about our designing structures, renovation services, and installation process. We have expertise in modifying an old home which includes room rescaling, tile re-installation and focalising a room. Our company is obliged to offer premier customer service because it's relevant to us to deliver exceptional workmanship on every project. We're also licensed, insured, registered, and guaranteed.

Our team excellently will modify the structure near your property, increase the limit of the pipes, and customize the rooms according to your requirements. Being reputable and experienced in the industry, we've gained trust over the clients by delivering fine workmanship, presenting a hassle-free experience, and supporting them to save costs. Regardless of the project's size and complexity, we seamlessly supervise project management and deliver exceptional final results. In addition to the various residential renovations, we also handle the various commercial renovation, modification responsibilities, smaller building construction and maintenance projects.

So, doesn't matter - what type of residential renovations do you require. Our team will always be ready to fulfil your contracting needs that meet deadlines. We've all the reliable tools, experience, and enthusiasm to guarantee your success. Other than this, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities as well as guaranteeing your remodellings are completed to your decisions. Feel free to contact us and we'll accommodate you with our expert consultation with a personal touch.

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