Do you require up-gradation and renovation in your existing commercial or retail spaces?

Larry Contractors - a team of professional retail renovation contractors is here to serve you! Our extensive experience and knowledge assist in accomplishing your overall visions and objectives - from rough space planning with exact reconditioning cost to reliable redevelopment and reconstruction finishing.

Reliable Retail Shop Renovation Services

  • Installation of Main Entrance & Storefront
  • Decorative & Retractable Awning
  • Door & Window Installation
  • Restoration of Cabinet Knobs and Faucets
  • Roof and Floor Installation
  • Wall Enlargement and Re-positioning

  • Handyman Works
  • Painting and Refinishing Works
  • Brick & Stone Wall Builder
  • Plumbing & Carpentry Works
  • Surveillance Cameras Installation/Repair
  • Furniture Installation
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Choose Larry Contractors for Your Next Retail Premises

We have a far-reaching experience and expertise to start a project with an in-depth discussion to fully understand and analyze the project site before stepping onto the design stage. We thoroughly conduct consecutive meetings with clients to execute a project with care and responsibility. This way, our clients experience zero uncertainties.

We understand brands and the importance of corporate values and beliefs. By keeping this in mind, we know - how to offer comprehensive solutions so our clients' stay calm and relaxed during the renovation procedure. Hence, whether you're planning to renovate your existing facilities or just want to start everything from scratch, our retail contractors in Singapore provide a breath of fresh air. Being one of the best retail renovation companies in Singapore, we strive to offer a wide range of turnkey services intended to facilitate the whole process of retail fit-out structure and decoration.

From site analysation to designing, installation, and service support, we always cater to your specific requirements. Therefore, trusting our professionals means maintaining a balance between practicality, affordability and customer experience. As a reflective corporate space values a lot for a client - likewise, clients' satisfaction matters a lot for us. That's why, we create and build jaw-dropping areas, which are an excellent compound of style and purpose.

Excellent Renovation Services With Us!

Every building stands on a different structure, plus involves a unique method of process. By understanding and analysing this factor, we extend retail renovations accordingly that reflects your objectives and embrace your new structure suitably. With a touch of creativity and an artistic approach, Larry Contractors will transform your ideas into reality whether you are lacking in space.

At Larry Contractors, our team put together all different renovation phases to create a fantastic new space that meets our clients' needs. We know how to bring an aesthetic appeal to the hidden parts of retail stores, how to maximize the space, and how to turn it into a beautiful and comfortable place. After all, having a well-designed corporate place keeps your business running.

So, let's connect with us and create an aesthetically appealing structure for inviting more customers with open arms. This is the reason for hiring our retail contractors, known as one of the best in Singapore. We endeavour to accommodate all our clients with a worry-free renovation experience.

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